Amir Gilani Has Been Fond Of Acting Since Childhood

Actor of Pakistan showbiz industry Amir Gilani said about himself that he was very fond of acting since childhood.

Actor Amir Gilani said in an interview that he was fond of acting since childhood and his family used to call him a hero.

In response to a question, the actor said that right now he wants to focus all his attention on his studies and after completing LLM, if he finds a good project, he will definitely work in it.

It may be recalled that he started his career in the year 2018 with the drama ‘What People Will Say’ aired on a private channel.

Amir Gilani is currently appearing in the drama serial ‘Stabat’ aired on a private channel.

The actor said that he was doing a project where he met Shehzad Kashmiri, the director of the drama serial ‘Sibat’, during which he said that he was starting a new project called Sibat in which he was introduced to a young man. Need face

Amir Gilani said that when he started thinking about working on this project, at the same time Shahzad Kashmiri asked him to lose weight.

Amir Gilani said that I started losing weight from that day and that is probably why I got this project.

At the end of the interview, Amir Gilani further said that Maura Hussain has really been my classmate.

The actor said that we both completed LLB together but we didn’t talk much at that time but she never dared to be an actress.