Another Viral Video Of Aliza Shah With Daniel Zafar

Another video of Daniel Zafar, younger brother of Pakistan Showbiz Industry actress Aliza Shah and well-known singer Ali Zafar, went viral on social media.

According to the details, the friendship between Daniel Zafar and actress Aliza Shah is being discussed on social media these days.

Daniel Zafar has shared a new story on his social media account Instagram in which he can be seen scaring Aliza Shah.

Daniel Zafar’s video story suggests that the two are working together on a project and are on set.

However, singer Ali Zafar’s younger brother Daniel Zafar is also a singer by profession and also does modeling, now he has also started acting regularly.

In the new video of Daniel Aziz, it can be seen that Aliza Shah is busy in his mobile while Daniel Aziz frightens him with a loud voice.

This video of Daniel Zafar has also gone viral on social media on which the fans are expressing pleasant surprise to see their friendship.

On the other hand, Aliza Shah’s old close friend Noman Sami is also being mentioned by some fans.

Fans say that these videos are being made by both of them to show Noman Sami.


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