As A Doctor, Sino Farm Has Administered The First Dose Of The Vaccine, Special Health Assistant

Special Health Assistant Dr. Faisal Sultan has said that doses of Corona vaccine Xtra Zenica will start coming in the first week of March, 17 million doses will come before June.

Talking to media after getting corona vaccine, the Special Health Assistant in Islamabad said that I have given the first dose of cyano form vaccine, this vaccine has been given to me as a doctor.

 Dr. Faisal Sultan said that if you are a general worker then register for vaccine on our given website, first we have started registration of 65 year old citizens.

The Special Assistant for Health said that we have started the registration of citizens over 60 years of age, 90% of all vaccines are protected from serious side effects.

Dr. Faisal Sultan said that the license of Synoform was up to 60 years of age. Citizens who are eligible to be vaccinated should also register. It is still necessary to take precautionary measures against corona. Give

“The role of the media in Corona has been exemplary. We have given priority to health workers for vaccines. We will soon vaccinate front-line health reporters as well,” the special health assistant told reporters.

He said that the existing vaccine centers are not overburdened yet, the number of vaccine centers can be easily increased and the whole plan for vaccination is ready.

Dr. Faisal Sultan said that people are getting confused by the rumors regarding the vaccine.


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