Baba Wanga’s 6 Terrible Prophecies For The Year 2022

While the new year 2022 is knocking and people all over the world are hoping for a better future from Corona, there are some awful puff predictions for the coming year from Baba Wanga, the world’s most famous prophet. ۔

By the way, many horoscopes and predictions of different astrologers are circulating regarding the new year. However, as 2022 approaches, the famous blind fortune teller Vangelia Pandiva Gushtrova aka Baba Wanga is in the news again.

The Bulgarian prophet is said to have been blind since childhood. However, most of his predictions have come true.

Following are some of Baba Wanga’s big predictions for 2022.

Water shortage in 2022

Baba Wanga predicts there will be a shortage of drinking water in the coming year. Due to the increasing pollution in the rivers, we have to struggle for drinking water. Many people will find other solutions for new water reservoirs.

Locust Heart Attack in India in 2022

Baba Wanga predicts that by 2022 the temperature will reach more than 50 degrees Celsius and locusts will again attack crops and agricultural lands, causing famine.

Space creatures attack the earth

Yes, you read that right, according to Baba Wanga, space creatures belonging to the planet Omomuwa will invade the earth.

Discovery of deadly virus from Siberia

After Code 2, the world could not afford another deadly virus, however, according to Baba Wanga, a new deadly virus would be discovered from Siberia that is still frozen in ice.

 Earthquakes and tsunamis

The blind forecaster had earlier predicted the 2004 tsunami. He now predicts that in 2022, Australia as well as many Asian countries will be flooded.

Possession of technology

Baba Wanga predicts that in 2022, people will spend more time online with their phones and other gadgets. The time spent on the screen will increase and it will be dangerous as it will confuse the imagination and reality.

Baba Wanga, better known as Nostradamus of the Balkans, died in 1996.

It should also be noted that the above predictions have been made for entertainment purposes only. It would be a coincidence that they had anything to do with reality.

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