Bilquis Edhi Passed Away

Bilquis Edhi, co-head of Edhi Foundation, a renowned Pakistani charity, passed away today after a short illness.

Faisal Edhi, head of the Edhi Foundation, said in a statement that Bilquis Edhi died today after a serious illness, two days before Ramadan.

He said that Bilqis Edhi had a heart condition and had been undergoing treatment in a private hospital for the last six days.

Faisal Edhi further said that along with heart disease, he was suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes.

On the other hand, Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has expressed deep sorrow over the demise of Bilquis Edhi.

The Chief Minister of Sindh prayed for the reward of the late while the Chief Minister of Sindh appreciated the social services of the late.

In addition, President Dr. Arif Alvi also expressed deep sorrow and grief over the demise of Ms. Bilquis Edhi.

He said that may Allah Almighty elevate the ranks of the deceased and grant patience to the mourners.

Dr. Arif Alvi said that he carried out the mission of the late Edhi Sahib in an efficient manner.

It should be noted that after the death of Abdul Sattar Edhi, the head of the largest social organization in Pakistan, Bilquis Edhi became the chairperson of the foundation.

She was born on August 14, 1947 in Bantuwa, Gujarat, India and then migrated with her family to Karachi.

She married Abdul Sattar Edhi in 1966 and the 50-year friendship lasted till Edhi’s death in 2016.

He was awarded Hilal-e-Imtiaz by the government of Pakistan for his outstanding social services. He also received the Lenin Peace Prize from the Russian government.

He has left Faisal Edhi, Kabra Edhi, Kitab Edhi and Almas Edhi among the mourners.

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