Bol President Nabeel Jakhora And His Accomplice Abducted, CCTV Footage Came To Light

CCTV footage has surfaced of how Bol president Nabeel Jakhora and his accomplice Shabiha al-Hassan were abducted.

In this regard, eyewitnesses say that Nabeel Jakhora’s car was stopped by the accused in a regular ambush while a black Corolla was present in the street before the arrival of the car.

Eyewitnesses said that the accused on Silver Prado were also chasing Nabeel Jhakura’s car while both the vehicles blocked the way of Nabeel Jhakura’s vehicle.

Eyewitnesses said that Nabeel Jhakura and his companion were seated in the Black Corolla, took the Silver Prado U-turn and left.

At the same time, two suspects on bikes followed the vehicles while the suspects on bikes hid their faces with masks and helmets.