Bollywood Diary: Criticism of Shilpa in the background of Raj Kandra case and silence of Sherlyn Chopra

The lawyer of Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty’s husband and well-known Indian businessman Raj Kandra says that pornography cannot be categorized as porn.

According to media reports, his lawyer argued in court that none of the videos captured by the police showed sex between two people, so it was not appropriate to classify it as porn. ۔

Mumbai police have arrested Raj Kandra, husband of Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty and a well-known businessman, on charges of allegedly making pornographic films and broadcasting them on mobile apps. He was produced in the court yesterday and the court has remanded Raj Kandra in police custody till July 23. On the other hand, Raj’s lawyers have also filed a bail application in court.

Following the arrest of Raj Kandra and allegations of making pornographic films against him, a series of trolls and memes started on social media in which some people are targeting Raj as well as his wife Shilpa. While some people are also asking for links to these alleged videos.

At the same time, an old interview of Raj Kandra on social media is also going viral. In an interview with the popular Indian magazine Filmfare in 2013, Raj Kandra said, “I hate poverty.”

Raj had said that he hated poverty so much that he wanted to be rich in any case and in the end he succeeded in his goal. In the interview, Raj also described how his father worked as a bus conductor in London and his mother worked in a factory and had to drop out of school.

Shirley Chopra’s silence

In a video message on social media, model and actress Sherlyn Chopra has appealed to the media and the general public not to ask her questions about the Raj Kandra case as she has already given her statement to the Maharashtra Cyber ​​Cell.

Sherlyn also said that there is a lot to be said but since the case is now in court, she would not want to say anything about it.

It will be known in due course what layers this issue of Raj Kandra and Puran Industry will unfold and what will come out.

What is Noora Fathi doing to change the Item Girl image?

Actress Noora Fathi is working hard to play the role of a spy in her film ‘Bhaj, The Pride of India’. Talking about the preparations for the film on social media recently, Noora said that she is training in martial arts as well as gun shooting to fit the role.

Nora looks very excited about her role in this film.

The trailer of this action-packed movie has been released and this movie is going to be released on Disney Plus Hot Star in August this year. It is clear from the trailer that in the film, Noora will do the item number in her traditional style and at the same time she will be seen in action.

Noora is trying to change her image as an item girl with this film. He says he wants to play a solid and big role.

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