Changes In Visa Policy, Instructions Issued To Embassies Abroad

Instructions have been issued to embassies abroad to change the Pakistani visa policy.

According to Pakistan’s changing visa policy, foreigners will be issued a medical visa for up to three months in 48 hours, but the Interior Ministry will approve the issuance of a medical visa for a period of one year within 30 days.

The new policy stipulates that visa applicants will be notified to intelligence agencies, but security clearance is required before a one-year medical visa can be issued.

The policy states that a letter from the relevant hospital is also mandatory for a one-year medical visa, but a decision on work visa applications for up to three months will be made within 48 hours.

Security clearance will not be required for short-term visas and work visas, but employment contract, CV, company, letter, profile and SECP registration are required for work visas.

According to the policy, the initial work visa issued for three months can be extended up to 2 years.

Foreigners coming to Pakistan for education will be issued a 2-year visa for which the clearance of security agencies, NOC has been made mandatory.


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