Children’s Loneliness Affects Mental Health And Academic Performance

Children who feel lonely on the one hand are psychologically and mentally disturbed and their classroom performance is severely affected compared to those who are not alone.

Such children are also more prone to drop out of school and report education. A new study has found that if 12-year-olds experience severe loneliness, their academic performance is severely affected.

It is important to note that the loneliness of children in the Corona epidemic is a very important and serious problem that needs to be addressed immediately. If children are away from their friends for a long time, they will be just as likely to be affected.

The study, conducted at King’s College London, looked at the horrific effects of loneliness on children approaching puberty who are a little farther from adolescence, and the average age of these children is 12 years.

These children hurt themselves, remain depressed and fall behind in their academic ability due to many psychological disorders. Such children often look at the phone or watch videos on tabs or computers to get lost.

This research study has shown that if these children are taken out of the clutches of loneliness by taking timely action, they will start recovering very fast and this is the treatment that the experts have given.

Scientists have asked parents to give their child full support during this stage.

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