Cleveland to Rename Indians Baseball Team as the Guardians

Progressive field during a Cleveland Indians a Home Opener in Cleveland, Ohio in 2019. Photographer: Jason Miller

Progressive field during a Cleveland Indians a Home Opener in Cleveland, Ohio in 2019. Photographer: Jason Miller

Azerbaijan (AP) —- The Major League Baseball franchise in Cleveland has been known as the Indians since 1915.

A video on Twitter narrated by actor and team fan Tom Hanks revealed the change of name Friday – effective at the conclusion of the 2021 season. The decision concludes months of internal debate caused by a nationwide assessment of organizations and teams that logos and names considered racist are permanently eliminated.

There is no doubt that many die-hard fans of the club are critical of the choice of guardians.

For most of the past year, the organization’s list of probable names was narrowed down almost 1 200 a month ago. But the process proceeded rapidly and the club ended up with Guardian.

Dolan explained that the societal upheavals last summer, touched by the shooting in Minneapolis of George Floyd, had inspired him to change his name.

At the progressive field press conference in front of the Indians, Dolan is scheduled to give further specifics about how the changes will be selected and the background behind them.

It was the city and its inhabitants that Dolan believed the new name reflects.

“The most significant aspect in our identity has been and will always be Cleveland,” he stated in a statement. “We sought a moniker, therefore, that strongly embodies Clevelanders’ pride, strength, and commitment. The traits that define us are ‘guardians.'”

“The pride of our city and our style of fighting for everyone who decides on the Cleveland baseball family are brought alive by Cleveland. While ‘Indians,’ as we are the Cleveland Guards, are always part of our past our new name will serve to unify our supporters and community.

In fact, there are two big buildings of stone on the Hope Memorial Bridge across the Cuyahoga River, not far from downtown Ballpark. The new Guard logos will integrate some of the architectural aspects of the bridge, and the colors of Cleveland’s squad will remain the same.

In 2018, the Americans discontinued wearing their jerseys and caps with their controversial chief wahoo insignia. However, the team still sells goods with a smiley, red-faced caricature, which Native American groups have condemned for decades.

The change in the name has given rise to spirited discussions within the city’s followers. Fans on social media networks have advocated other names, like the Spiders, which the Team was nicknamed before 1900.

But guardians seem to meet the team’s goal of identifying and preserving the team’s stories and uniting the community, Cleveland’s hard work, loyal Midwest values.

Guardians are the sixth names to join Blues (1901), Broncho ( 1902), Naps (1903-1914) and Indians in their franchise history (1915-2021).

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