Climate Change Is Having A Positive Effect On The World, Says, Chinese President

Chinese President Xi Jinping says climate change is having a positive effect on the world.

According to details, China has announced to withhold funds for coal projects.

The Chinese president has said that funding for coal projects will be cut, that climate change is having a positive impact on the world, and that joint efforts are needed to address climate change.

Xi Jinping has said that China will provide new opportunities for development in the world, ensuring the United Nations multilateral system.

Chinese President Xi Jinping added that China would supply 2 billion doses of corona worldwide by the end of this year and that the vaccine against corona is an important weapon.

Earlier, Chinese President Xi Jinping said in a statement that the era of killing or intimidating the Chinese was over. Amidst the great excitement of the audience, the Chinese leader added that if anyone dared to dare to do so, his head would be smashed against the iron wall, which would have been smashed to pieces. Forty million people have built.

He said that the Chinese people are not only good at ending the old world but they have also created a new world. And only socialism can save China.

Regarding the country’s security, President Xi Jinping said the country needs to accelerate national defense and modernization of the armed forces.

Referring to Taiwan, the Chinese president said he wanted to complete the country’s unity and “break” any attempt to liberate the island from China’s mainland.

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