Corona Rules Relaxed, Large Number Of Umrah Pilgrims Arrive At Haram Sharif For Friday Prayers

After the relaxation of Corona rules in Makkah, a large number of Umrah pilgrims have started arriving at the Haram Sharif to offer Friday prayers.

According to Arab media, the visitors will pay the full amount on Friday.

 The head of the two holy shrines, Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, has issued a special directive to the administration to provide facilities, stating that 50 more doors of Masjid-ul-Haram will be opened today. More than 4,000 male and female workers have been deployed for sanitation.

In addition, more than 500 automatic sanitizer bottles have been installed at various locations of the Masjid al-Haram and the use of masks has also been made mandatory.

According to the administration of the two holy shrines, thermal cameras have been installed to check the body temperature and special arrangements have been made for more than 50,000 bottles of Zamzam water at various places.

In addition, 100,000 liters of Zamzam water cans have been kept in the coolers and strict security arrangements have been made.

It should be noted that 5,000 electrical and simple wheelchairs have also been provided for the elderly and the disabled.