Digital Potatoes Ready For Online Dating

Online coaching and teaching have increased significantly around the world since the Corona epidemic. New software and hardware have also emerged for this purpose. In this regard, the “Meeting First Pro” is an owl-shaped camera that captures the online meeting in a realistic 360-degree view. Also, if four people are sitting in the same office, their conversations and videos show that they are supposed to be real.

It can be placed on a table, supported by a tripod, and hung from the ceiling. A self-spinning video of each speaker is broadcast online. Its special cameras capture any location in depth and show it in 3D and depth.

The other important thing is that it has 8 microphones, not one or two, which can hear conversations from a distance of 18 feet. Then there is no need to sit at the computer in the meeting because it also has a speaker installed inside. Interestingly, it can be used equally on all online meeting software such as Zoom, Google Hang, AirMate and other popular platforms.

After connecting to a USB slot, it automatically rotates like a sound source and broadcasts its stunning video on an online platform. For this capability, Metall Oval Company has resorted to artificial intelligence. This exciting camera is available in many sizes and models.