Discovery Of A New Ocean Hidden In The Solar System

Dawn, a retired NASA space mission, discovered the ocean hidden in the dwarf planet Ceres.

The dwarf planet is located in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and was explored there by the space mission Dawn in 2018, three years before it ran out of fuel.

With the help of Dawn, the researchers found that these bright spots are covered with a compound called sodium carbonate, which is made up of sodium, carbon and oxygen.

This salty surface is probably the result of the evaporation of fluid vapor from the surface of the cervix.

But where the fluid came from was a mystery until this week, and now research articles have revealed that the dwarf planet has a saltwater reservoir hidden beneath the surface that is 25 miles deep and hundreds of miles wide.

Carol Raymond, the Dawn Mission’s chief investigator, said: “This discovery has made Ceres a marine world.”

According to scientists, the material found in Ceres is of great importance.

NASA scientists said that due to the influence of the surrounding planets, the dwarf planet became hot enough to keep the liquid water below the surface, but then the temperature dropped and it froze.

NASA Administrator Jim Brydenstein said on Twitter that the chances of life in other worlds are increasing, Ceres is the latest evidence of our solar system where in the past there was a habitable environment.


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