Eat These Fruits To Control Stroke, Weight Loss And Blood Pressure

Eat these two fruits and calm down to control stroke, weight loss and blood pressure.

Dutch experts have come up with an easy way out of all these diseases.

A study in the Netherlands found that eating pears and apples regularly reduced the risk of stroke by 52%.

A special antioxidant in these fruits, “Corsetin” prevents blood clots from forming and also improves blood flow. This antioxidant is found in sweet fruits with white pulp.

Although quercetin is also found in many other fruits and vegetables, apples and pears are different.

Dutch experts studied 20,000 people for 10 years and found that those who ate large amounts of white pulp, including apples and pears, had a 52% lower risk of stroke.

High blood pressure and high cholesterol are the leading causes of stroke. Similarly, quitting smoking and eating apples and pears can help stave off paralysis.

Eating these fruits improves health and produces cytokines that prevent blood from thickening.

Experts recommend using 250 mg of cortisone daily, which is also found in onions, green leafy vegetables, pomegranates, citrus fruits, green tea and garlic.

In addition, exercise, weight loss and controlling blood pressure can prevent heart disease and stroke.

According to doctors, the cortisone found in apples and pears immediately becomes part of the body.

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