Emergency Landing Of Indian Plane In Karachi

Karachi: An Indian Airlines plane made an emergency landing at Karachi Airport.

According to details, a 60-year-old passenger of an Indian Airlines flight from Sharjah to Lucknow was airlifted to Karachi due to ill health.

According to civil aviation sources, IndiGo flight number IGO 1412 from Sharjah to Lucknow, India, entered Pakistani territory via Iran at 4 am and a passenger on board fell ill.

The captain contacted the air traffic control and sought permission to land the plane at Karachi airport on humanitarian grounds.

The plane made an emergency landing at Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport at 5am on permission from the authorities on humanitarian grounds.

According to aviation sources, the 67-year-old passenger had died on board the plane until emergency medical aid was provided.

After confirmation of death and documentation by the doctor, the Indian Airlines flight left Karachi for Ahmedabad at 8:36 am.


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