Exactly After The Mobile Fell Into The Water But How?

The most important thing in our lives today is the use of smartphones and we get very upset when it breaks down because our daily lives are connected to it.

The biggest and biggest damage is when the mobile falls into the water because it damages the mobile or causes some major damage.

But it can be solved very easily, which is possible only with household items.

If your phone is wet or watery, you can use raw rice.

Put raw rice in a bowl and open the phone and place the rice in such a way that some rice is on top of the mobile and some is on the bottom.

However, you can see the mobile one hour after placing it in the rice, if the phone still does not work, leave it for a while.

This will absorb all the water and rice and your phone will work perfectly.

Scientifically, rice has the property of absorbing water immediately, so the rice crop is never left dry.


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