Fake News: Kitten Death by Illness Not Rape

Pakistani citizens were surprised by a news item a couple of days earlier. Viral images and the news of a juvenile gang rape and sexual harassment in Lahore have exploded all over the Internet as though it were a wildfire. Everyone were furious and frustrated, and understandably so. Fresh evidence is coming to light that the entire tale has been falsified.

Now such issues don’t exist at all, we ‘re not sure. But that’s not quite what happened here in this specific situation.

Recently, a Twitter user, who has worked for animal care in Lahore, revealed how this story had a lot of issues from the beginning.

First, let us take a look at the original story, which was run by JFK Animal Rescue and Shelter. Please be warned that this video is not meant for the faint of heart, so trigger warning.

Why does this news seem to be fake?

There are many issues regarding the sources and evidence that are nowhere to be found in the case of the sexually harassed kitten.

It is alleged that the woman who runs JFK Animal Rescue in the city has come up with many similar stories in the past. In order to get maximum shock value out of her posts, all of her stories have two things in common; rape & teenagers.

She narrated the whole story in the first post like she was there, and claimed in so many clear words that the kitten in the pictures was raped and her genitals were torn open.

In addition, evidence provided by her was alleged to be incorrect and inconsistent. Umer, who also served in animal care facilities, had this to say: revealing the photo that seemed to be the ‘semen’ that came out of the kitten:

This is the picture which she claimed was of the semen that came out of kitten’s anus. Now, first of all, even in a human rape case, semen is never recovered in this form. There are always just traces left and they are only taken with a swab and then confirmed through lab tests.

He said the kitten displayed symptoms of diarrhea and fever, not abuse.

Even with an adult cat if something like this was to happen, the blood vessels would burst, internal organs would get damaged and the cat would die in a few minute. This again, was a kitten.

JFK Animal Treatment addresses all allegations

The woman behind the story created videos to provide the audience with further facts, after all the publicity that the videos and pictures received. She described how everyone else told her the news, and when she was told she shared the story.

Even for all the darkness that still is present in this universe, kudos to this guy are for keeping it into context. Next, we should not have to be space scientists in order that this is a classic story. This is the entire thread posted by him:

JFK Animal Rescue tried to turn facts into reality rather than take responsibility for the actions and spread a false rumour.

You keep Waqar Zaka to take part and to ‘twist’ the tales.

They also uphold their argument that the cat had been sexually abused. Not just that. All this without qualified documentation and without anyone validating their claims.
Most frustratingly, anyone who campaigns for animal welfare has already confirmed that the kitten itself was lost. Which sounds really persuasive we just aren’t aware.

We know that the world can be much worse and that sexual abuse against animals is widely reported. If anything, it actually sets the cause of animal rights by creating false stories like this.
However, it doesn’t make sense to say this story about a teenager sexually attacking a kitten. How do you think? What do you believe? In the comment line, let us know.

Credits: Umer_RPK

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