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Federal Minister For Information Calls For Re-Election In N75

Federal Minister for Information Shibli Faraz has demanded re-election in N75.

According to details, Federal Minister for Information Shibli Faraz while talking to media said that PML-N itself had demanded re-polling at 23 polling stations.

The Federal Minister said that the Prime Minister has accepted the challenge of PML-N and has now announced re-polling on 23 polling stations.

Shibli Faraz has said that the party which has established the tradition of buying and selling of politics has got the upper hand because the PML-N which won the election is right and the loser is rigged there.

“Why do you have double standards regarding the transparency of elections?” He asked. While Prime Minister Imran Khan has always accepted challenges and now you are giving a speech of rigging.

He said that PML-N has not contested any election in a civilized manner till date but our leader is known and he does not come under any pressure.

He further said that the situation in PML-N is full of thieves while PML-N is full of corruption.

He said that the nation had asked the PML-N why it was opposing the open ballot of the Senate as it opposes open voting by those who intend to buy it.

Shibli Faraz has said that the duplicity of the opposition has become clear to the nation.

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