Fifth Australian To Win PGA Tour Flagship Event

Cameron Smith Became The Fifth Australian Golfer To Win The PJA Tour Golf Flagship Event.

Cameron Smith won the biggest win of his career as the Players’ Championship.

The Meteorological Department had predicted the expected arrival of the storm and the temperature would be close to freezing point before the event. But on Monday, in the hot sun at the TPC Swagraz, Cameron won.

He is the fifth Australian to win the PGA Tour’s flagship event, and was awarded the biggest golf prize of 3. 3.6 million.

 Smith hit 13 birdies in 10 sixes in six under par 66s, one of India’s Anirban Lahiri in Florida.

England’s Paul Casey pushed Smith when he made a card of 69 and came third at 11-under.

Casey, 44, said: “I just played a very good round of golf in difficult conditions around Swagras. 69 shots with a boogie and some breaks that didn’t get in my way. “

It was a fierce battle between the pair, with Smith, who lives in nearby Jacksonville and got more support, grabbing four birdies in a row to get out of the field and the fifth 12-under on his sixth hole. Reached