France Instructed Its Citizens And Companies To Leave Pakistan

France has ordered its citizens and companies in Pakistan to leave the country temporarily.

 The French state news agency claimed that the decision was taken in the wake of recent violent anti-French protests in Pakistan.

According to the French state news agency, the protests began after French President Emmanuel Macron spoke in support of a magazine that published blasphemous sketches.

The French state news agency said the protesters were demanding the expulsion of the French ambassador from Pakistan and the termination of relations with France.

It may be recalled that the French Embassy in Pakistan has refused to confirm or deny this.

In this regard, the French embassy has confirmed the message to its citizens to leave Pakistan in view of security measures.

According to the French embassy, ​​we have sent a security note to our citizens, due to the current situation.

According to the French embassy, ​​the note asked its citizens to leave the country for temporary security measures. The embassy is not being closed, the embassy will remain open with limited staff.

It is to be noted that after the outbreak of violent protests last week, the French embassy had also issued a travel guide for its citizens to take precautionary measures.


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