Gas Pressure Is Low In Karachi, Nadeem Babar

Special Assistant for Petroleum Nadeem Babar has said that gas pressure in Karachi city of Sindh is low and gas shortage in Sindh will affect Karachi business community.

According to details, while giving a press conference, Special Assistant for Petroleum Nadeem Babar said that the gas shortage in Sindh would affect the business community of Karachi, therefore all efforts are being made to solve this problem.

He said that Sindh would face a shortage of 450 MMCFD gas in winter but if we get the right way from the Sindh government, the shortage can be overcome.

Nadeem Babar further said that the cooperation of Sindh government is needed to overcome the gas problem in Sui Southern and if the Sindh government does not find a way to lay the pipeline, it will be difficult to overcome the problems.

The Special Assistant said that we will do our best to supply gas to the export sector and LNG gas can also be supplied to the industry but if there is a shortage of gas then people also start getting less pressure. ۔

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