Gemini’s Meteor Shower: When Karachi’s Absar Ahmed saved a meteor shower

On a cold December night, Engineer Absar Ahmed stared at the sky like a hunter with a cup of coffee in his hand.

Eventually a bright object passed through the sky, he looked at his camera, which was fortunately aimed in that direction, and he saved this 30-second view of the meteor.

Absar Ahmad Khan holds an MS from the University of Nottingham, UK and is currently affiliated with the Institute of Space Science and Technology, University of Karachi.

He recorded the meteor activity from the roof of his house in a residential area near Sohrab Goth in Karachi.

Broken stars or meteor showers on the earth appear several times a year. These broken stars are actually particles left by comets or large planets, and when the Earth revolves in the Sun’s orbit and passes through the area containing these particles, these particles enter the Earth’s atmosphere.

When they enter the Earth’s atmosphere, they become extremely hot due to friction and become shiny and crumble into air.

‘ Lucky moment 

Absar Khan told the BBC that on December 13 he spent three hours in the cold but could not get a good picture of the activity.

On December 14, I sat down with coffee. Fortunately, a meteor passed within an hour of the previous day and he captured the scene on his camera. It was a thrilling experience and a lucky moment because you don’t have to save it every time.

Absar Ahmad is affiliated with the Department of Space Science and Technology, Department of Karachi University

In December meteorites non- ordinary activity

The activity of meteors can be observed in other months of the year as well, but most of the meteors are seen in the Geminds Meteor Shower in December.

These meteors are visible from December 6 to December 14 and the 14th is the night of the rise of these meteors.

Absar points out that the Geminds Meteor Shower is called the King of Meteor Showers because of its large number, meaning you can see up to a hundred meteors in an hour.

He says it is more difficult to observe meteors in Karachi and other big cities like this because there is ‘light pollution’ along with environmental pollution.

“If you are in pitch darkness where the sky is clearer and darker, this shower will be even clearer.”

He says that’s why people go to Mirpur Sakro, a coastal town in Thatta, or Hangul National Park in Balochistan to record such activities.

You can also save meteors in a mobile phone camera, but this image may be of low quality and blurry.

“I adjusted the phone’s settings and installed it on the chair because I didn’t have a tripod. This moment is also saved in the phone.

An image of Jupiter (right) and Saturn (left) along our Milky Way galaxy

800 years later, Jupiter and Saturn are close

Engineer Absar Khan says that on December 21, Jupiter and Saturn will be very close to each other, and this event will take place some 800 years later when it can be clearly seen in the sky. Will

This happens every 19.6 years and before that it happened in 2000 and 1623 but it was difficult to see them at that time, while when it happened in 1226 it was easy to see.

Jupiter and Saturn are very bright in the sky because of their brightness, and the paths of the two planets meet in such a way that the viewer will know that they are one and shining together.

“We would think that these planets are very close, but it’s all amazing. The distance between Saturn and Jupiter is about 800 million kilometers. For months now, it has seemed as if the planets were moving towards each other, and eventually they would merge.


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