Graduates won’t get a degree without completing the Quran course

The Holy Quran translation has been made compulsory by the Punjab government for all university students.

“Lecturers in all the universities of Punjab will teach the Holy Quran with translation to all students,”


The Holy Book is taught separately from the subject of Islamiat, which all universities already teach. Governor Chaudhry Sarwar said worldwide success and the hereafter could only be achieved by properly implementing the Holy Quran guidelines.

On Sunday, He held a meeting with Vice-Chancellors of all universities in the Governor’s House. He Tweeted.

Earlier in the month of April, Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar had organized a seven-member vice-chancellor committee to present its recommendations on how to make Quran teaching a mandatory part of the syllabus.

Addressing a press conference after a meeting with the Governor’s Vice-Chancellors, he said it should be mandatory for Muslim students to attend the lecture on ‘Quran with Translation.’

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