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Guddu Thermal Power Switchyard Malfunction, Blackout In The Country, NEPRA Report

Last month, the National Electric and Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) released a report on the blackout in the country.

Regarding the recent blackout of electricity, the NEPRA report said that the blackout took place across the country due to a fault in the switch yard of Guddu Thermal Power.

The NEPRA report said that the switch yard of Guddu Thermal Power had malfunctioned on January 9, due to improper operation of the relevant circuit breaker.

The report further said that 220 and 500 KV lines were tripped due to malfunction in the switch yard, which put more load on power plants in the northern part of the country.

The NEPRA report said that there was a complete power breakdown due to imbalance in power supply. Some power plants took longer than usual to restore power.

The report by NEPRA also recommended a comprehensive study by a leading international body to avoid future blackouts.

NEPRA also recommended ensuring availability of Black Start facility in power plants and availability of Island mode in 220 MW powerhouses.

The report recommended that K Electric, NTDC and power plants take urgent precautionary measures to avoid blackouts, while also recommending management-based reforms at Guddu Power Station.

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