Haniya Amir Is A Victim Of Criticism

Pakistani actress Haniya Aamir has once again come under fire.

Actress Haniya Aamir has posted a picture of herself on social networking site Instagram due to which she is being criticized.

Actress Haniya Aamir has shared some of her stories on social media on which she is being criticized for the texture of Haniya’s lips.

The stories shared by Haniya Aamir are going viral and are being criticized by internet users.

Some Insta users are saying that Haniya Aamir has used an Insta camera filter to make the video while some Insta users are saying that Haniya Amir has undergone plastic surgery with no good results. ۔

In this regard, consumers are saying that they do not like Haniya Aamir in this form at all.

Earlier, on some of the photos shared by actress Haniya Aamir, fans said that Haniya Aamir is no longer beautiful.

Haniya Aamir, on the other hand, posted a picture on her Instagram account earlier this year in which she looked a bit different.

Fans on the actress’ photo said that the actress may have undergone surgery which went wrong and it has destroyed her natural beauty.

While Sar Fan said that ‘Haniya Amir looks like an old woman’, someone said, ‘The loss of surgery, you are no longer beautiful.

Remember that actress Haniya Aamir, who has made a name for herself in the Pakistani showbiz industry in a very short period of time, often faces criticism.

It should be noted that Haniya Aamir looks very active on social media to stay in touch with her fans and treats them by sharing new photos and videos with her fans.