Horse And Lady Going Or Coming?

These puzzles are not as simple as you might think.

You may have trouble finding the right answer to this puzzle.

You see the shadow of a woman and a horse in the picture, all you have to do is use your sharp eyes to tell if they are coming or going.

Did you find the right answer to this puzzle or not?

Let’s make your problem a little easier. We try to answer it ourselves.

With logic in mind, equestrian riders are usually on the left side of a horse, and from this point of view the answer is ‘they are coming’.

Second, if you look at the woman’s legs and the horse’s saddle, they are forward, and from this point of view, the answer is that they are ‘coming’.

The third is the shadow of the woman and the horse. If you look at the picture a little bit, it is light on one side and dark on the other side. ۔


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