How Much Does A Plate Of The World’s Most Expensive Biryani Cost? You Will Be Surprised To Know

A hotel in Dubai has introduced the world’s most expensive biryani, the price of which will surprise you.

The world’s most expensive biryani was presented to guests at the Dubai International Financial Center’s (DIFS) annual event, which costs around Rs 43,233 a plate.

Named the Golden Biryani, it was presented to guests on a golden platter. This plate is made of 23 carat pure gold.

According to reports, the total weight of this biryani is three kilograms which includes small potatoes, boiled eggs, roasted cashews, pomegranate seeds, fried onions and mint while it also includes qima including white and saffron rice.

This most expensive biryani dish is served in a way that includes saffron rice, Kashmiri skewered kebabs, Rajput chicken kebabs, malai kofta, malai chicken roast and dumba chops.

According to the hotel management, customers will be offered raita along with biryani, salad, nahari curry, jodhpuri curry, almond and other types of sauces and pomegranate raita.


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