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How Much Of A Blow To The French Economy Could A Product Boycott Be?

A boycott of French products by Muslim countries could cost the French economy up to ارب 100 billion.

French President Emmanuel Macron’s anti-Islam rhetoric and blasphemous sketches have sparked a campaign to boycott French products in several countries.

The boycott of French goods was first announced by the Turkish president, after which French products have been removed from stores in many countries, including Kuwait, Jordan and Qatar.

Recently, data was compiled by the Turkish news agency Anadolu Agency, which showed how much damage could be done to the French economy if all Muslim countries boycotted French products.

According to the data, France exports 100 100 billion worth of goods to Muslim countries every year, so if French products are boycotted in all Muslim countries, it will boost the French economy by 100 percent in a single year. Billions of dollars could be lost.

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