Human Rights Organizations Should Raise Voice Against Indian Atrocities: Mishaal Malik

Hurriyat leader Mishaal Malik has called on human rights groups to speak out against Indian atrocities.

According to details, Hurriyat leader Mishaal Malik said in a statement that Kashmiris were being humiliated by the Indian Army in Occupied Kashmir but the Indian Army laid siege to Srinagar city and searched the youth.

Mishaal Malik said that the Indian Army had created a situation like 90 in Kashmir while the youth and children were being intimidated.

The Hurriyat leader also said that Kashmiris who come to the market are being besieged, Kashmiris cannot even buy food items in the bazaar.

Mishaal Malik said that the Indian army was humiliating humanity, Kashmiris were being intimidated under a well-thought-out plan while the Indian army was torturing Kashmiris mentally.

Hurriyat leader Mishaal Malik further said that there are laws for animals in the world and human rights organizations should raise their voice against Indian atrocities.


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