Hungry neighbor and Ahmed bin Askaf

The saints of God, the saints of religion and the circumstances of the life of the Sufis, the advice and instructive words for the believers and followers have reached us through the books written in different periods and have guided and guided us. Are

Here we are quoting an incident that highlights the inspiring aspect of religious and moral education in terms of the rights of worshipers and caring for neighbors. This incident is contained in the book Hikayat-e-Sofia, which has been in the process of being compiled and edited in different periods.

Hazrat Ahmad ibn Askaf Damascus (may Allah have mercy on him) collected a large amount of money over the years with the intention of performing Hajj. A few days before the Hajj, he sent his son to a neighbour’s house for some work. After a while, he came back with a sigh.

Ibn Askaf asked, “Son, how are you? Why are you crying?” He said, “Our neighbors were eating meat and bread. I kept looking at my face and they didn’t even ask me.” Ibn Saqqaf went to the neighbour’s house in grief and said, “Glory be to Allah, this is the right of the neighbors which you have paid.” My youngest child stared and you kept eating meat and bread, you would have given this innocent one a bite.

Hearing this, the neighbor started crying and said, “Alas, now our secret has been revealed.” I say difficult, otherwise I say difficult. I swear to God, for five days my family did not have a single grain in their mouths, but my pride prevented me from reaching out to anyone. We took some meat and boiled it and ate it. That is why we did not give anything to your child, otherwise when could we eat meat bread and your child would stare.

On hearing this, Ahmad ibn Skaf was moved to tears. He used to say over and over again, “O Ahmad, it is a pity for you that there are thousands of dirhams and dinars in your house and your neighbors are starving.” What face will you show to Allah on the Day of Resurrection and how will your Hajj be accepted? Then he went home and secretly brought all the dirhams and dinars he had collected with the intention of Hajj, gave them to his neighbor and insisted on sitting in his own house and engaged in remembrance of God.

When the time for Hajj came, the pilgrims included the famous Sufi saint, Hazrat Dhu al-Nun al-Masri. He has given rewards and accepted the Hajj of many other pilgrims because of it. Hazrat Dhu’l-Nun Misri was astonished at the payment of the unknown Ahmad ibn Skaf to Allah Almighty who has been so kind to him.

After completing the Hajj, he went straight to Damascus and met Ahmad ibn Askaf and asked him why he did not go on the Hajj.

When he narrated the incident, Dhu’l-Nun said, “Congratulations, Allah Almighty has accepted your Hajj, but has given you the reward of the great Hajj.” Ahmad ibn Sakaf, on hearing this, began to weep and kept on giving thanks to Allah Almighty. The following year, Allah gave him so much wealth that he himself went to perform Hajj.


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