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I’m naming my Killers in my own Life – Iqrar Ul Hassan

I am naming my killers in my own life. Share it as my trust, because every day when I go out of the house, I kiss my child’s forehead and think that this may be the last kiss of a father. Dozens of murderers, robbers, drug dealers and criminals have been killed in eight years of public travel. But now the limit has been reached. Despite dozens of cases of murder, attempted murder, kidnapping and robbery, a fake DSP is still at large. Standing in court, the team is publicly threatening to kill our worker. Is being kidnapped, but due to the influence of his mother, who is wanted in many cases of prostitution and drug trafficking, no one is willing to touch him. One heroine has put the entire justice system and courts on the tip of her shoe. If it’s contempt of court, punish me, I’m ready. Both for punishment and for the bullet of this killer.

Iqrar Ul Hassan – Sar-e-Aam

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