Important News: Election Commission Decides To Hold Senate Elections In The Old Manner

The Election Commission has decided not to use identifiable ballot papers in the Senate elections.

According to details, the Election Commission has decided to hold the Senate elections in the old manner by following the opinion of the Supreme Court.

According to sources, the Election Commission will take all necessary steps to make the Senate elections transparent and will also use technology.

In a meeting of the Election Commission held yesterday, the DG Law gave a detailed briefing on the court’s decision. The Supreme Court had advised to seek help from modern technology.

The Supreme Court has said in its opinion that it is the responsibility of the Election Commission to make the elections transparent.

Campaign timed out

Campaign time is over, the election field for Senate election will be open tomorrow.

The Election Commission has warned that political activities will be illegal after the end of the election campaign, and strict action will be taken against violators.

Senate elections will be by secret ballot, Supreme Court

The Supreme Court, while issuing its opinion on the presidential reference regarding holding of Senate elections through open ballot or secret ballot, said that Senate elections will be held under the Constitution instead of law, Senate elections cannot be held through open ballot.

Senate elections: March 3

 Polling for the Senate elections will be held on March 3 in all four provincial and national assemblies.


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