Important Prescriptions For Those Who Suffer From Hair Loss

Hair loss is a nightmare for a man or a woman and especially when a man feels his hair falling out, he becomes restless and anxious, lacking in confidence. Goes Feelings of inferiority may also arise.

There are a variety of products on the market to protect hair and prevent it from breaking, but very few meet expectations and get rid of hair loss.

But today we will tell you three tips that will be very beneficial for your falling hair.

1. Be Green:

Green tea is not only beneficial for clean skin, weight loss, and keeping cholesterol in balance, but it also has a treatment for hair loss.

 Green tea also contains the compounds ‘bodies and ‘catechins’ which are naturally antioxidant ingredients.

Abiodines and catechins help to increase the hair loss hormone dihydrotestosterone, both of which are considered to be important components in preventing hair loss.

Add a few teaspoons of green tea to half a liter of water and boil it for 15 minutes, store in the fridge when cool, wash your hair with low chemical shampoo.

Now massage green tea in your hair for 10 minutes and rinse your hair with cold water, this process can be repeated twice a week.

This will keep the hair clean and silky.

2. Fenugreek Seeds:

Fenugreek seeds and fenugreek, which have been used for centuries as food and for other benefits, are vital to overall health.

Instead of expensive shampoo for dull and lifeless hair, take 4 tablespoons of cheap fenugreek seeds and put it in 2 cups of coconut oil and leave it for 2 to 3 weeks, then at least once a week with this oil. Massage on the scalp 2 to 3 times, this process will make the hair look shiny and lively.

Soak two tablespoons of fenugreek seeds overnight and apply it on the scalp in the morning and then wash the scalp after one hour.

3۔ An Onion:

Onions are rich in sulfur, which when applied to the scalp improves blood circulation and also increases the production of “collagen tissue” which plays a key role in hair growth.

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