Imran Ashraf’s Fans Painted His Picture In A Unique Way

 Imran Ashraf is a well-known actor and playwright in the Pakistani drama industry.

Imran Ashraf has won three awards so far in the Best Supporting Actor category.

The actor recently shared a photo of his fan through his account.

In this post shared by Imran Ashraf, his fans have used nails to create his image.

Sharing this post, Imran Ashraf says, “Mashallah, how capable my Pakistan is.”

His career was made up of different and different roles. Whether it is the role of a eunuch in ‘A, Allah and Man’ or now the unique role of Bhola in ‘Ranjha Ranjha Kar Di’ which has won the hearts of the viewers.

Earlier, in a message on social networking site Twitter, Iqrarul Hassan had praised Pakistani actor Imran Ashraf.

In his message, Iqrar-ul-Hassan had said that Imran Ashraf is the Sultan of the realm of acting.

Expressing good wishes for Imran Ashraf, he said that you are the superstar of all of us.

It should be noted that Imran Ashraf is getting a lot of fame in India including Pakistan because of his role Musa. He played this role in the drama serial ‘Raqs-e-Bismal’ which was aired on a private TV channel.