Imran Khan Is Fighting The Case At The International Level By Becoming The Ambassador Of Kashmiris, Murad Saeed

Murad Saeed says that Imran Khan is fighting the case at the international level by becoming the ambassador of Kashmiris.

According to details, Federal Minister Murad Saeed in his statement said that Imran Khan has held a historic meeting in Kashmir, Kashmiris have given ideal love to the Prime Minister and PTI candidates, Azad Kashmir has a PML-N government but Couldn’t say a word about performance in the election campaign.

He said that those who were ashamed to take the name of Kulbhushan could not fight the case of the Kashmiri people. Instead of going to India and meeting Hurriyat leaders, contacts have been made with businessmen. It started and ended in the name of Imran Khan.

Murad Saeed has said that PML-N has not talked about health, education, employment and tourism policy, water issues, power crisis, infrastructure, police reforms have not been discussed. Before the verdict was announced in favor of Imran Khan, the statement of use of government resources in the elections goes against the PML-N.

He said that due to poor performance, PML-N is facing defeat before the vote, PML-N wants to spread provocation and chaos in the elections and we want to send a good message through Kashmir.

The Federal Minister further said that we want to improve the health, infrastructure and communication system and give opportunities to Kashmiri youth to move forward through successful youth programs.

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