Introducing Another Great Feature Of Google Meet

Google Meet is a new video conferencing service designed specifically for large-scale video conferencing.

Google recently added a feature to an app that will make it easier for all friends to see during video calls.

The web version of Google Meet is now adding a low light detection system to an individual’s webcam.

Under this version, Google Meet itself will increase the call brightness of the user whose screen light is dim, which will allow other users to see their partner during the video call.

According to Google, the feature will be available to all users, including workspace, G Suite Basic, and business users, from mid-October, but users can also switch off the feature if they wish.

Keep in mind that low light mode was introduced in Google Meet’s mobile apps in 2020 and is now being added to the web version.

It should be noted that AI technology has been used for a low light mode which increases the brightness after inspecting the light.

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