Introducing The New Civic Model, Honda Announced New Prices For Its Vehicles

Atlas Honda Cars Limited has announced new prices for its vehicles in Pakistan.

Honda Atlas Cars Limited (Pakistan) has announced the introduction of its next-generation Civic for which temporary prices have been announced which are much higher than the previous car but still people are interested in buying this car.

Coming in 2022, the Civic will replace the tenth generation of the existing Civic, which will be available in 3 different variants, the following: However, these prices are temporary and may increase further.

The Civic 1.5L Turbo M-CVT is priced at Rs 5,099,000.

The Civic Orial 1.5L Turbo M-CVT is priced at Rs 5,399,000.

The Civic 1.5L Turbo LL-CVT is priced at 61.49 million.

On the other hand, Atlas Honda has started booking for all three types of vehicles and the booking for all the three models is being started from Rs. 12 lakhs.

A dealer of Atlas Honda said on condition of anonymity that the new model of Civic will be delivered to the consumers in September this year and till then these prices may increase so these prices are being said to be temporary.

Earlier, the PTI had also increased the prices of Suzuki vehicles after the government approved a mini-budget.