Is The Civic Center Really Home To Giants Or Is It Someone’s Mischief? Watch The Video

It is said that the giants have their nests everywhere, sometimes they show their presence and sometimes they do not even let it be felt, that is why where these creatures make their presence felt, the locals would make videos of them and share them on social media. Sometimes these movements of theirs are also exposed through hidden cameras.

One such video is of the Civic Center, the center of government offices in the Gulshan-e-Iqbal area of ​​Karachi, showing some scenes that are frightening to watch for a moment.

The video, made from a mobile phone at the Civic Center, contains giants’ mischief or a joke, but it has been very popular on social media.

According to the report, the sources of Civic Center have denied the presence of giants and termed it as someone’s mischief.

In this video it can be clearly seen that two employees are busy in the office of House Building Finance Corporation when a file flies away from the table and falls down.

While in the distance video, a person sitting in the same office chair is seen talking to a person sitting in an empty chair, thus telling them to come to another person and standing respectfully, and the chairs slipped automatically. Are visible.