It Is Necessary To End Dacoit Rule From Sindh: Haleem Adil Sheikh

Sindh Opposition Leader Haleem Adil Sheikh has said that it is necessary to end the dacoit rule in Sindh.

According to details, Sindh Opposition Leader Haleem Adil Sheikh while giving a press conference said that there was another case in Ghotki which was made against me by the rulers of Sindh.

He said that I was returning from Ghotki, by-elections were being stamped, at that time I had reached there to lodge a complaint, a false case of car government interference was made against me, terrorism cases were also made against me in Malir. The PPP made a political case against a political opposition leader.

Sindh Opposition Leader Haleem Adil Sheikh has said that PPP is running on police in Sindh. There is no representative of opposition in Public Accounts Committee. Yes, I went to meet the heirs yesterday, 11 people of Chachar community were killed, no action was taken, after the operation in Punjab, they hide in the mud.

Haleem Adil Sheikh has said that the facilitators of dacoits in Sindh should also be arrested. The facilitators of dacoits are sitting in the assembly. It is necessary to end dacoit rule from Sindh. OC was issued, fake papers were made, people were robbed, Sindh government is responsible for forming cooperative society, SBCA local government has run NOCD, Bilawal House is run by these institutions of Sindh.

He said that the builders and NOC givers looted money from the poor, the money was laundered from fake accounts, Tapi and Younis Memon should be brought back, the residents of Nusla Tower should be given money from the accounts of these thieves. Whoever gave NOC on Nusla Tower, these officers including the Chief Minister should go to jail.

Opposition leader Sindh Haleem Adil Sheikh has said that lands are being seized in the eastern and western districts by burning government records.