It Is Very Wrong To Call Someone A Slip Or A Shortcut, Rimsha Khan

Emerging showbiz actress Rimsha Khan has instructed people not to criticize anyone without knowing their personal experience.

A video clip of the actress has gone viral on social media in which she is talking about the critical attitude towards consumers towards artists from consumers.

In the video, Rimsha Khan tells critics that those who think that an artist has entered the industry as a kinship, or judge someone, don’t know what his journey is to get here. How is it

“People say slip slip, but they don’t know how hard the person they call it is, how many nights they spend waking up to prove themselves and get somewhere,” he said. ۔

Rimsha said that it is very wrong to tell someone that it has come on the shortcut, or it has come on the slip, only God can decide about us how we are if there are difficulties in everyone’s life Realize a little.

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