Joint Operation Of CTD And Federal Intelligence Agency

A joint operation of CTD and Federal Intelligence Agency in Karachi has resulted in the arrest of an alleged SRA terrorist from University Road Meteorology Chowrangi.

According to details, an alleged SRA terrorist has been arrested from University Road Meteorology Chowrangi in Karachi while the arrested accused Sajjad alias Bablu is a trained terrorist of Sindh Revolutionary Army.

In this regard, according to CTD, a hand grenade was also recovered from the possession of the accused while on June 19, 2020, the accused also assisted in the attack on Rangers Mobile in Liaquatabad.

One person was killed and seven others, including Rangers, were injured in the attack.

On July 8, 2020, the accused attacked the shop of retired Rangers officer Malik Ashiq, who was killed in the attack, and on August 14, on the orders of the leadership, an attack was planned on a Chinese van, which was used by law enforcement agencies. Could not be executed due to raids.

After the death of Niaz Lashari, the leadership ordered revenge. The accused and his accomplice Javed Mangrio had a meeting with Bashir Shar at Muhammad Khan Goth in which they planned to attack a Rangers check post at Malir Cantt near the airport. Javed Mangrio had postponed the attack due to non-delivery of hand grenades.


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