Leading Indian Actor Commits Suicide

Leading Indian actor Inder Kumar has committed suicide.

According to a foreign news agency, 25-year-old Tamil actor Indra Kumar committed suicide by hanging himself at the house of a female friend yesterday.

According to Inder Kumar’s friends, he went to see the film with his friends on Wednesday.

On his return, however, he stayed alone at his friend’s house, and Kumar’s friends found him dead inside the house.

After the incident, Kumar’s friends reported the matter to the local police, who registered a case and launched an investigation.

Police told the media that there was no evidence from the scene to determine the cause of the suicide, but police have sent the body for an autopsy.

On the other hand, Tamil actor Indra Kumar was very sad because he could not find a job in the industry and this is said to be the reason for his suicide.

It may be recalled that Sandeep Nahar, a co-star of Sashant Singh Rajput, had also committed suicide last week, while Sashant Singh Rajput had committed suicide on June 14 last year.


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