Leading Pakistani Tik Toker Was Killed?

Has famous Tik Tok star Naila Jutt been killed?

According to the details, many young people in Pakistan have become famous due to Tik Tok, one of whom is named Naila Jutt.

However, news is circulating on social media that Naila Jutt was killed by someone on December 8, 2020 due to personal resentment.

Remember that some of Naila Jutt’s videos are funny and some are sad

Tik Tok is a popular application, used by almost everyone, young and old, young and old.

Apart from this, Tik Tok is also the employment of many people, from which people are also earning lakhs of rupees.

Tik Tok videos make some people laugh and some people get angry.

It should be noted that the facts of the murder of Tik Tok star Naila Jutt have not come to light yet.