Mahira Khan Openly Shared Her Acting Experience

Every beloved actress of the Pakistan showbiz industry Mahira Khan openly expressed her experience while working in the film.

Actress Mahira Khan highlighted her acting experience and also expressed her confidence in Shahriar Munawar.

On Instagram, Khobro actress shared a poster of a short film to be made under the direction of Shehryar Munawar.

Remember that with this short film, Shehryar Munawar is also going to step into the world of directing.

Sharing the poster of the film, Mahira Khan wrote that as an actor, he surrenders himself to the directors, viewers, and the whole world.

 However, most of the time we protect ourselves from this experience in such a way that we do not fully immerse ourselves in the memories and thoughts that are very difficult for us to deal with.

“I know I have done this many times to protect myself,” Khan added.

The actress said that sometimes you allow your director to remind you of such incidents, it is all horrible but at the same time, it also frees you.

Addressing Shahriar Munawar, he said, “I surrender myself to your vision and I do not regret it at all.”

“I am proud of you as an actor and a friend,” Mahra added in his Apni Instagram post.

He also said that it is best to work with fellow actor Zahid Ahmed and the entire team in this project.

Addressing Shahriar Munawar, the actress also said that you should always shine like a diamond.