Major Progress Has Been Made In The Motorway Abuse Case

Major progress has been made in the motorway abuse case.

According to details, it has been decided to hold a jail trial of the accused named in the motorway abuse case. The jail trial of the case will start from tomorrow at Camp Jail in Lahore.

According to sources, anti-terrorism court judge Arshad Hussain Bhatta will conduct the trial in the jail.

Sources said that public prosecutors including prosecutor Abdul Rauf Wattoo will appear in jail on the occasion of the trial.

Sources said that the accused would not be produced in court due to security concerns.
It may be recalled that in the last hearing in the motorway abuse case, the police filed a challan against the main accused Abid Malhi and co-accused Shafqat Baga in the special anti-terrorism court.

The challan filed against the accused in the court consists of more than 200 pages in which 40 witnesses have been included.

During the last hearing, the police included the victim, the plaintiff and the person who called 15 in the final challan filed against the accused.

 According to the contents of the challan, the three children of the woman present at the time of the tragedy were not included in the list of witnesses while the victim identified the accused Abid Malhi and Shafqat in the parade jail.

 Both the accused were identified before the Parade Judicial Magistrate. The victim’s statement was recorded three times. According to the challan, a beating device was also recovered from Abid Malhi and Shafqat. Police recovered the stick from Shafqat’s house while the accused Abid Malhi was recovered from Pistol Police Station Factory Area Sheikhupura.

The challan said that the police also recovered the mobile phone of Abid Milli and Shaft Baga. Abid Milli looted more than Rs 1 lakh from the woman while she was in hiding.

Police did not recover the woman’s gold bracelet and ATM from accused Abid Malhi. According to the challan, Shafqat alias Baga has confessed to the crime and recorded the statement of section 164.

 Judicial Magistrate Rehman Elahi recorded the statement of accused Shafqat alias Baga. The challan further said that Abid Malhi confessed to the crime before the interrogator and recorded the statement under section 161. The accused said that when the woman refused, he killed the children. Threatened


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