Make A Big Chickpea Lick And Double The Fun Of Iftar

Yogurt Big Chola Chaat is a traditional Pakistani dish that is equally popular with both children and adults. This is a very popular dish not only in Ramadan but also in ordinary days. There are several ways to make yogurt bigger, each with a different flavor. Today we are going to tell you how to make a special delicious yogurt big chick lick in a very special way.

Make Iftar even more delicious with this simple recipe of Chatkharadar Chhola Chaat.

Mash lentils A cup

Peanut Butter Half a cup

Salt According to taste

Ginger An inch piece

Onion A middle number

Yogurt Three cups

Sweet Soda……….. Full click

Milk Half a cup

Chinese A tablespoon

Corn Floor One and a half tablespoons

White gram (boiled) Two cups

Potatoes (boiled and cut into small pieces) Two numbers in the middle

Oil As required


First wash the two pulses and soak them for an hour, then grind them with onion and ginger.

Mix baking soda, mix well and cover and keep in a warm place for one to two hours.

Then heat the oil in a frying pan over medium heat for three to four minutes and re-paint the crushed lentils with the help of a spoon and fry until golden.

Now soak them in salted hot water for ten to fifteen minutes.

Now place the prepared scales between both hands and squeeze lightly to remove the water. Whisk the yogurt and add sugar, salt, cornflour and milk.


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