Make Iftar With Gram And Fruit Lick Special

Fruit licking is generally considered the main dish for Iftar and is served in every home.

You can make your own iftar special with this delicious gram and fruit lick recipe.


One pound of white gram

One pound of bitter apples

Guava one pound

A number of red pomegranates (small size)

3 bananas

Half a lemon juice as needed

A pinch of salt

A quarter teaspoon of red pepper

A pinch of pepper

A cup of canoe juice

A tablespoon of sugar


First swallow the gram.

 Peel an apple and cut it into small pieces. Take out the pomegranate seeds. Also cut the guava into pieces. Make banana rounds.

Mix all the fruits in a bowl. Add canoe and lemon juice to the fruit and mix.

 Melt the gram and add it to the fruit and add salt and pepper to taste.

Add sugar and mix everything well.

 Note: As chopped bananas turn black, mix them when serving.

Enjoy delicious lentils and fruit.


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