Michael Jackson Also Danced For Me, AR Rehman

Leading Indian musician and singer AR Rehman recalled a memorable meeting with King of Pop Michael Jackson shortly after he won an Oscar.

Indian fans will never forget the morning of February 23, 2009 when musician AR Rehman won not one but two Oscars for composing music for director Danny Boyle’s film Slim Dog Millionaire.

According to AR Rehman, he asked his Hollywood agent Sam Schwartz to meet Michael Jackson and asked if he could arrange a meeting with Michael Jackson.

The agent looked at his friend who said he could send an email to Michael Jackson, but for several weeks A. Rehman received no response from his agent about his request.

 AR Rehman said that he was busy with Oscar promotions and had admitted that he would never meet Michael again but 4 days before the Oscar ceremony I was told that Michael wanted to meet you.

At the time I was busy preparing for an Oscar performance, I thought for a moment and said if I won the Oscar I would meet Michael Jackson or not and the next day after winning the awards I met Michael Jackson Went to

According to AR Rehman, Michael opened the door of the house with his hands for them and they talked for about two hours.

“We both discussed my song ‘Jay Ho’, then Michael Jackson suddenly stood up and danced for me,” he said.

Remember that AR Rehman is the first Indian musician to win an Oscar award. In February, AR Rehman met Michael and on June 25 of the same year, Michael Jackson passed away.

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