Money Budget: How Expensive Are Mobile Phones?

A few days ago, under pressure from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government passed the Finance Amendment Bill 2021 (Money Budget) in the National Assembly. Was cast

With the approval of the mini-budget, while many essential items will be expensive, the poor will no longer be able to afford mobile phones.

According to the document, 17 percent sales tax has been imposed on mobile phones worth 200 200 to 350 350 by abolishing the fixed tax of Rs. 1750.

According to the report, a fixed tax of Rs 5,400 has been abolished and a 17% sales tax has been imposed on mobile phones worth 1 351 to 500 500 in the budget.

In addition, it has been proposed to abolish fixed tax of Rs. 9270 and impose 17% sales tax on mobiles worth 1 501 or more. Consumers will now have to pay Rs 42,000 tax instead of Rs 9,270 on a 13 1,300 mobile.

There is no change in the tax on mobile phones worth only 30 30 to 200 200 in the mini budget.

Not only that, but the mini-budget also proposes to impose more taxes on personal computers, laptops and other imported machinery and to abolish fixed taxes.